Original poetry and other collections of words that are pleasing to the eye and ear, by Clementine.

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I always used to reflect that the person with whom you spend your life should be someone you admire. Someone you look at and think, ‘You’re the best person in the entire world.’ And this troubled me, because it’s not how I felt. And then I met you.

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All that time I was running around While your beautiful mind resides Didn’t know for what I was looking A moment in time, a celestial align? This, a dedication to that sure sign. Eyelids resting shut we melt Safe in your warm gaze Hands on hearts, Hand in hand. And when the day runs out […]

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Emerald flickers in your alert gaze. Humidity swells, my chest screaming with pain As we enter the secret garden, casting aside its gilded frame. In your eyes’ orbit my moon and my stars. Persistent and infantile, colliding into an atomic bomb. Shards of love scatter like plumage tumbling through a still sky, To rest upon […]

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Footprints on the shore, in a line. Crimson sunset shadowed and lengthened with time I squint and blink down and notice yours are gone. When and what did this, and how? For a while now it seems, And carrying me you are not. A thread of sand hangs between us, Knotting my heart And seeping […]

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Original 02

Two minds intertwine with dreams, Not yet free to trip from pursed lips. Words swallowed to swell within a choice-less cell. Genesis in symbiosis. Never daring to believe I’m truly yours. But now, we soar. Winged object of my elation, moon of my star; Devoid of gravity we drift as a paper crane, Suspended in […]

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Drawn across the Islington room You cracked your teeth and crossed my gaze As you found your way of finding me And the tropical print that sealed our fate Tell me, someone, Did you go home to think of me as I did you?  Your bolshy provocations poisoning the sweetness dead, You didn’t even care. […]

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For V.

For you know when sleep’s caress evades my grasp, whirring echoes of you become my mast, reflections, perplexion, a moonlight dance.  For only you can cease the boundless storm, thoughts hushed in your insatiable form, poised and dumb; I am yours ’til dawn.  For sweetness itself was moulded in your palms, this charming man has […]

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Is it not Love that knows how to make Smooth things rough And rough things smooth?   -Vikram Seth

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Always have you right here to follow Keep your hands over my eyes so I don’t wanna see where this will go I will keep my eyes closed Only know what was behind me I don’t wanna see what’s in front, you lead You’re giving me directions every time you speak This has gotta be […]

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For Joseph.

I am a drunken sinner Scrawled upon the ceiling A wash of dread drags the blood from my cheeks as my eyes trace This wretched brand mark  Of shame and self-loathing Acid in a stomach  Flickers of a nervy heart  My esteemed exemplar Cherished paragon You are nothing but great and good In my eyes […]

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